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Moving to Jamie Kapitain Artist Blog

July 30, 2014
'The Westfalia' (2011) by Jamie Kapitain.

‘The Westfalia’ (2011) by Jamie Kapitain.

Hey illustration folks! I’m packing up and moving to another blog. From now on, I will post everything at my other blog: Jamie Kapitain Artist Blog. All of my sketches, illustrations and paintings will now be in one place. I really appreciate the opportunity to share my work with you and hope to see you all there!

Lyle Lovett

November 14, 2013
‘Lyle Lovett’ by Jamie Kapitain.

‘Lyle Lovett’ by Jamie Kapitain. Ink, watercolor, acrylic and digital.

This singer-songwriter, actor and Texan uses finger picks and a thumb pick. Respect.

James Robertson

September 4, 2013
'Jamies Robertson at Hillside' by Jamie Kapitain

‘James Robertson Playing With Lindi Ortega at Hillside’ by Jamie Kapitain. Ink, watercolor and acrylic.

Another stellar guitarist from another memorable summer music festival. This one captures the slide guitar work of James Robertson playing with Canadian singer-songwriter, now Nashville resident, Lindi Ortega. Robertson’s country, roadhouse guitar sounds combined with Ortega’s haunting, turbo-charged country vocals stopped many in their tracks at Hillside this past July.

Michael Daves

August 22, 2013
'Michael Daves at Greyfox' by Jamie Kapitain

‘Michael Daves at Greyfox’ by Jamie Kapitain. Ink and watercolor.

Last month, I attended my third Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival and couldn’t get enough of the visceral guitar work of Michael Daves. In this drawing, Daves is playing his old plywood Silvertone with mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile on the High Meadow Stage.

2013 Hillside Festival Poster

July 15, 2013
Hillside Festival illustration by Jamie Kapitain

Final Hillside Festival illustration by Jamie Kapitain. Ink and watercolor.

Here’s a simple equation that I have formulated:


When my poster concept was chosen for the 30th Hillside Festival, I had the opportunity to test the equation. The poster concept was to capture the energy and excitement of live music at Hillside in a style that looked as if it had been sketched while sitting on the grass in front of the main stage. The poster concept I submitted and the final printed poster are below.

The ‘dream project’ equation was proven thanks to Marie Zimmerman, the great Hillside marketing committee and LINDdesign who did nice work creating the poster. See you at Hillside!

Hillside Festival poster concept by Jamie Kapitain

2013 Hillside Festival poster concept by Jamie Kapitain. Click image to view larger.

Hillside 2013 poster

Hillside 2013 poster. Click image to view larger.

Spring Awakes! Poster

May 22, 2013
Spring Awakes Poster by Jamie Kapitain

Spring Awakes! poster design and illustration by Jamie Kapitain.

A new poster designed for SKSS Productions’ unique performance art hike adventure. The event raises funds for Plant An Old Growth Forest and sends the audience on a hike where they encounter different performances. The poster depicts a spring flower symbolizing growth created from an old tree section and leaves from young, native tree species. I’m looking forward to the event on May 26th!

Here is another poster I created for Shannon and Sue at SKSS Productions.

Nashville and Memphis

April 30, 2013
‘Nashville, Downtown Skyline’ by Jamie Kapitain.

‘Nashville, Downtown Skyline’ by Jamie Kapitain. Pencil and watercolor. Click image to view larger.

Here are some recent sketches from my musically inspired road trip to the state of Tennessee. I sketched the Nashville skyline from my hotel room before checking out Broadway and the Grand Ole Opry. Driving downtown to Memphis’ Beale Street, I caught a glimpse of the famous Sun Studio where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf and B.B. King recorded. I created the sketch from a variety of visual sources including Google Maps street view once I returned to my studio in Canada.

‘Sun Studio, Memphis’ by Jamie Kapitain.

‘Sun Studio, Memphis’ by Jamie Kapitain. Ink and watercolor. Click image to view larger.